the GBV's songbook

name: Digging Up Wooden Teeth
album: Let's Welcome the Circus People
date: 1994
author(s): Tobin Sprout
© 1999 I'm a cowboy song

In an unusually interesting bungalow
From the corner of the living room
Adjacent to the fireplace
At the front of the house
A creature just flew past your window
Carry on
In the beautiful places
I need the graces
I've come to know
The order of the living things
The flutter of a gossamer wing
It's electric to find
A dream left behind on my pillow
Carry on
How do you expect me
To dig wooden teeth from the ground
To mine the love from the soul
Plant the seeds of the day
Plant the seeds of your day
If i could only be as lovely as you are
Send me flowers in spring
Give me all of those things that you love
Endear me to you