the GBV's songbook

name: Up We Go
album: -
date: ????
author(s): Robert Pollard???
© ?Needmore song? (BMI)

A   x02220
F#m 244222
D   xx0232
Bm  x24432


A F#m D Bm

                      F#m         D Bm  A
So it gome in in the western sky
              F#m              D Bm  A
??? down and saw that you cry
                            F#m              D Bm
That he looked around and started to go down
     A       F#m
So slow down
           D         Bm
When you drive away

    A                    F#m         D        Bm
He says good morning to you and you look away
   A                     F#m
He ask you just what to do
            D              Bm  A
You don't know what to say
                F#m                  D           Bm
Where will you go and what could be done for you
I tell you know
               F#m                  D           Bm
What will you say when stories laid out for you
A                    F#m           D  Bm  A
Everybody hold your hands up high
                         F#m       D  Bm  A
Try to tell you but you ??? a lie
                                F#m             D Bm
So good to give 'cos there's a new world rising
Not surprising
F#m       D  Bm
Up up we go
A F#m     D     Bm
Up up we go now

I am the one who is the one     \ uppon "up we go"
You are the one who are the one /


This is quite the same song of "Crocker's favorite
song" (on "Kingshit") just some different lyrics.

tabbed by: Rémi.