the GBV's songbook

name: My Son, My Secretary and My Country
album: Earthquake Glue
date: 2003
author(s): Robert Pollard
© 2003 Needmore song (BMI)

G7    320033
Bb6   650066
Cadd9 870088
Bsus2 x24422
Asus2 x02200
D     xx0232
C     x32010


G7                                  Bb6
with your mission wilting and your kids sulking
happy birthday, Mr. Sink
throw your flowers in the river
      Cadd9     G7
and drink

        Bsus2        Asus2
we got cowbells and clay
D       C    G
make us all obey
     Bsus2           Asus2
and work will be of worth
          D     C    G7
For the sketch of explorers
         D   C    G7
and the hot air annoyers

G7            Bb6      G7
good men destroyers
           Bb6          G7
future employers
             Bb6        G7
cowboys and lawyers
                    Bb6     Cadd9
and we all will be warriors


originally tabbed by: DouG.