the GBV's songbook

name: Zap
album: Universal Truths & Cycles
date: 2002
author(s): Robert Pollard
© 2002 Needmore song (BMI)

A     x02220
Asus2 x02200
D     xx0232
Dsus2 xx0230
Bm    x24432
Bsus2 x24422
C/A   x05550
D/A   x07770
F     133211


A Asus2   -x4-

  A Asus2     A Asus2
What of the blessings?
        A Asus2                A Asus2
Of the tired arms waiting for more?
    D Dsus2
At times
             D Dsus2
And if you sleep
          Bm Bsus2         Bm Bsus2
And the pressure is then off
              A Asus2  A Asus2
Where has it gone?
What blazing white giant
Pulls off the darkness?
       Bm Bsus2    Bm Bsus2
Is it good for you
   D Dsus2             D Dsus2
To ask for assistance?
       A Asus2                    A Asus2
And to ask for it for others also?
 F         Bm             A Asus2
Next time you get sick you'll know
 F        Bm    A Asus2  A Asus2
You might even see
                A Asus2
You might even see
        A -stop-
You'll see


here is the bass riff at the beginning:


originally tabbed by: DouG.