the GBV's songbook

name: Fine to See You
album: Isolation Drills
date: 2001
author(s): Robert Pollard
© 2001 Needmore song (BMI)

  G                   G/B
G-----------------| |-----0-------0---|
D-----0-------0---| |---0---0---0---0-|
A---2---2---2---2-| |-----------------|
E-3-------3-------| |-7-------7-------|
  Em                  Eb/Bb
G-----------------| |-----0-------0---|
D-----0-------0---| |---0---0---0---0-|
A---2---2---2---0-| |-----------------|
E-0-------0-------| |-6-------6-------|
  C                   Csus2
G-----0-------0---| |---0-----0-----0-|
D---2---2---2---2-| |-----0-----0-----|
A-3-------3-------| |-3-----3-----3---|
E-----------------| |-----------------|
  Gm/Bb               G2
G-----------------| |-----------------|
D-----5-------5---| |-----5-------5---|
A---5---5---5---5-| |---5---5---5---5-|
E-6-------6-------| |-3-------3-------|


G  -2x-

    G                G/B
It was sure fine to see you
   Em                        Eb/Bb
Delicious and thank you for coming
  G                        C
There is nowhere to go but up
      G/B            Csus2*
You know that for I tell you

G                        G/B
All of our friends are thinking about us
     Em            Eb/Bb
The cup is running over
G     C               Csus2*
I am hypnotizing the highway
G     C         G/B*
I am baptizing mad rivers
And the rivers run wild
And the highway is long
    C              G/B
It was so good to see you
      G              G/B
You know that for I tell you

Gm/Bb G2   -a few times to the end-

originally tabbed by: Dan Schmidt.
riffs additions by: Rémi.