the GBV's songbook

name: Knock'em Flying
album: Mag Earwhig!
date: 1997
author(s): Robert Pollard
© 1997 Needmore song (BMI)

There is another version of this song on "Tonic & Twisted Chasers" (1997), more lo-fi.

E    022100
Bsus 099800
Asus 077600
F    133211
Bb9  x13311
C9   x35533
A*   x057xx

G -------7-----7--
D -----5-----5----
A ---0-----0------


(1)   a few times

 (1)               (1) (1)
When you're called
(1)            (1) (1)
To the plough
         E        Bsus        Asus
You will always slide inside her

(1)   a few times

(1)          (1) (1)
 If you work
(1)          (1) (1)
really hard
          E        Bsus      Asus
You will lose yourself and wrong her
 E      Bsus   Asus   F
Take a little longer
                 Bb9     C9        Bsus   Asus    Bsus     
Plough when you feel it it's your right        tonight
 E        Asus
Take it slow

(1)          E
 If you grow it
(1)        Asus E
You will try it
F             Bb9     C9 Bsus Asus      Bsus  Asus 
You'll be so inspired to go   out  and bring back
    Bsus Asus     Bsus       Asus
The only one who matters anyhow

E     B  B  A  B  A   A B A  A B A  A B A    2x
E     B  B  A*  E  4x   
F   Bb9   C9    B   A  B  A  B A B A  A B B A (fade)

originally tabbed by: Mike Ingenthron.