the GBV's songbook

name: Lord of Overstock
album: Under the Bushes Under the Stars
date: 1996
author(s): Robert Pollard
© 1996 Needmore song (BMI)

D  x57775
A  577655
G  355433
Bb 688766
C  911111099
F  133211


D  A  G Bb C

   D             A      G
straight to the lord of overstock
     D            A         F 
he spoke for the millionth time
          D              A
don't be late for the superdeal
will save you a lot
     D          A       F          
and take every cent you earn

heavenly ticks
is open for us

     D           A      G
so trust in the king of overstock
   D           A          F
invest in his wisdom and learn
         D           A
there's less to go around
if everyone counts
            D       A        F
but if you got the money to burn 

then you will be in
always give faith
for what's it all worth
             D       A  G Bb C
in heaven on earth

D  A  G Bb C

based on's tab.
retabbed by: Rémi.