the GBV's songbook

name: The Man Called Aerodynamics
album: Under the Bushes Under the Stars
date: 1996
author(s): Robert Pollard
© 1996 Needmore song (BMI)

F  133211
Gm 355333
Am 577555
Bb 688666
C  x35553
Dm x57765


F>Gm>Am>Gm> (x2)

                     Gm                Am
find deep within the old memory coat 
               Bb              F
a cricket bag you ate from 
its sweet smiling apology
acceptance awaits you 
                     Bb        C   Dm
don't be afraid to cherish it
        C          Bb        F>Gm   Dm
look it up in the bookmobile 
        C          Bb      Am
look it up in the gun rack 
        Bb                     Dm
in the magazine rack, and the map 

      F        Gm         Am          Bb
for it is only after the fence comes down 
 F                Gm        Am   Bb
that the cartoon bubble explodes 
         C                   Dm
and the new party begins 
     C               Bb                  F>Gm      Dm
invitation only in stealing a senator's suitcase
         C                    Bb         Am
let them out and dance for the ant-god 
like scary magnets
    C           F>Gm      Am
to pounce upon command 
          Bb       C          Dm   C
upon the man, the man called aerodynamics

F>Gm>Am>Gm> (x7)

based on's tab.
retabbed by: Rémi.