the GBV's songbook

name: Chicken Blows
album: Alien Lanes
date: 1995
author(s): Robert Pollard
© 1995 Needmore song (BMI)

chords: (downtune 1/2)
D   xx0232
G   320003
Bm  x24432
F#m 244222
Em  022000
F   133211


                    G      Bm
chicken blows i suppose
          F#m    Bm        F#m
we could have a girl or a boy
       D            G       Bm
and i see what you mean
         F#m      Bm           F#m
i'm not here to drink all the beer
in the fridge
in the room
        Bm      F#m
in the house
         Em           F#m     D
in the place that we both so love

G D Bm D F#m D

                     G       Bm
can you sink to the depths?
i don't know
   Bm         F#m         
i don't even care
         D           G        Bm
and our lives slip away
       F#m           Bm      F#m
in the end we will probably reach
all the way
to the walls
      Bm        F#m
 F         Em
have you flown?
        F#m            D
our courage is only a taste
    G         D 
and i'll get paid
    Bm         D 
if you'll get laid 
     F#m    D 
it's our parade

originally tabbed by: Rui Almeida.