the GBV's songbook

name: Unstable Journey
album: Vampire on Titus
date: 1993
author(s): Robert Pollard
© 1993 Needmore song (BMI)

E  022100
B  x24442
G  355433
A  577655
C  x35553
F# 244322


E    B G A   -2x-

the boys' tongues on easy street
C                   A
are shipping and delivering
the insidious snakes
the hackers and the meat
     C                A
are counting out the face of things

E    B G A   -2x-

i know when you bring back the sweet of his scar
     C                   A
you don't tell him where it has been
he's funny and cool and suits your boys
    C                 A
conditional love wins out again

E    B G A   -2x-

                               F#              A     B
i'm feeling good and i don't know if that's alright
                            F#                A  F# G
deep in the rot i can't distinguish day from night

    E          B     G   A
but all of it will transpire
     E               B      G  A
transactions made through the wire
      E       B   G     A
kiss me while i still speak
      E    B    G   A
hold me as I'm too weak
enjoy it, delusions
 C              A
pushing closer to the rush
opening and closing
     C              A
you recognize me, feel the hush

E    B G A


originally tabbed by: Ralph Rotmalm.