the GBV's songbook

name: Circus World
album: Propeller
date: 1992
author(s): R. Pollard
© 1992 Needmore song (BMI)

F#m   244222
C#    x46600
B     x24400
Aadd9 x02200
E     022100
A     577655
G     355433
C     x35553


F#m  E  C#  B

           E     C#
they just don't
       B       F#m
understand me
            E           C#
they never will, this..
               B      F#m
all we do, we do for you
           E  C#      B       F#m
shit gets old, and demanding
   	  E        C#
it never fails
          B         Aadd9
to amaze me when i see 
it all before me

     E               A
the power freak who self-destructs
   C                A
a ride for boys in monster trucks
     E                      A
the painted sluts training monkey men
   C                         A
i call to the door but they won't let me in
         E               A
and the human fly gets smashed again
    C                    A
he mixes his blood with tonic and gin
        E                              A
and i choke on the sheep stuck in the company of wolves
    C                A
as you raise up on your hind hooves

 F#m E C#* B*

      E          C#
daylight breaks
         B                  F#m
i see a face that used to cry
            E        C#
where were you then
somewhere off to yourself

F#m  E  C#  B   -solo-
F#m  E  C#
there's too many people
   G#m           F#m
involved in the game

 G  E (stop)


instead of Aadd9 and G in -see it all before me-
part, you can play those chords arpeggio like this:

B--------0----- --------------
G------2---2--- -------4------
D----2-------2- -----5---5----
A--0----------- ---5-------5--
E-------------- -3------------

each twice.

solo part:

originally tabbed by: Ralph Rotmalm
additions by: Rémi.