the GBV's songbook

name: Navigating Flood Regions
album: Self-Inflected Aerial Nostalgia
date: 1989
author(s): Robert Pollard
© 1989 Needmore song (BMI)

E   022100
B   x24442
F#  244322
A   x02220
C#m x46654


  E   B                         F#
spy shout to the crew "let's string him up!"
 E   B                       F#
wise up to the captain now where's my coffee cup
          E         B         A
and it's been an adventurous day
           E            B            C#m
the ship floats but it won't float away,
let's us stay


 E         B                F#
down your favorite costume here we go
 E      B                       F#
belt a song if you're not real long and slow
            E       B         A
and you're doing a wonderful job
        E          B         C#m
shaping up with a competent mob,
it's your job

                                    E   B
it's as long as wide and just beginning
 F#                              B  C#
been around with eons just like me
  F#                                         E   B
grab your money and let's go for all the winnings
 F#                             B  C#
cast your soul into the jagged sea
          B     A        E    C#
it's the number on your head,
now you're dead

B  C#

  F#                            E     B
stuff you down the barrel of a cannon
 F#                                 B    C#
let you see the world as something to see
 F#                              E        B
take you to the corners of the playground
 F#                                 B      C#
let you watch the traffic through the trees
          B     A        E    C#
it's the number on your head,
            F#   -stop-
now you're dead

        E          B            A
and we run as the war trumpet blows
         E              B           C#
and the judge with the list of no shows

originally tabbed by: Ralph Rotmalm.
additions by: Rémi.