the GBV's songbook

name: Paper Girl
album: Self-Inflected Aerial Nostalgia
date: 1989
author(s): Robert Pollard
© 1989 Needmore song (BMI)

chords: (downtune 1/2)
A    x02220
Bm   x24432
C#m  x46654
D    xx0232
Asus x02230
E    022100


 A         Bm        C#m
don't you call me up
    D                   A       A
to tell me that you're lonely
         Bm            C#m
i won't make things up
    D                    A          D
to tell you that they're only for you
                              Bm       C#m        A
cause that wouldn't make you feel any different about me
without me

           Bm           C#m
a message to the paper girl
       D             A     Asus A  Asus A
don't fall apart so easily
               Bm              C#m
don't cry too much you'll get all wet
      D                   A        Asus A
and that don't make much sense to me
You see
cause that would mend my heart
       C#m         A   Asus  Bm
And i won't feel blue
that's not true
i need more but it's not like me to fuss
with the problems of us
when it's likely to be in this state with me
     A          Asus A
but here i go again
         D       Bm          A  Asus A
and the paper girl's gonna blow away
          D    Bm      A  Asus   A       Bm C#m* Bm C#m*
and it's one game that i won't play for you
    (E) (D)
for you 
    (Bm)  A
and me


in the 1st verse strum each chords 1x.
the * mean that you can play this little riff after the

the () means that those chords are play arpeggio. play
each note of the chords from E>e.

originally tabbed by: Ralph Rotmalm.
additions by: Rémi.