the GBV's songbook

name: A Contets Featuring Human Being
album: Sunfish Holy Breakfast
date: 1996
author(s): Robert Pollard/Sprout
© 1996 Needmore song

A    577655
A/E  077655
G    355433
D    x57775
F#m  244222
G/F# 255433


           A/E G
I drew up back when
      D                         A    A/E A
Mr. Skate came back from the attack
              A/E G       D                    A    G
The official fag saw the cake tossed into the lake
                                  A             A/E A
And he crossed that lake with his overpaid army
              D                 A
Of rats and snakes on whiskey ships
              D                 A
And they are right, they were alive
           D             A
They were fools, making rules
          F#m         D                    G
For their entrance into the butchery pools
          G/F#                     G
Let them be and that's the lesson
                G/F#                   A                  
An overworked dreamer and his cronies
         F#m       D
On minitracks and motorbikes
       A       F#m       D
And a contest featuring human beings
    A      F#m    D
And other less sprouts
    A      F#m    D
And other less sprout

tabbed by: Rémi.