the GBV's songbook

name: Spring Tiger
album: Get Out of my Stations
date: 1994
author(s): Robert Pollard
© 1994 Needmore song

other version: Springtiger (from suitcase)

In the evening
She calls for time
A beckoning
Upon each cozy corner
Talking ones ??a cocking hit??
Oh oh

In the morning
She crosses lines
??Of cocking pitch??
??A fatting?? moment
A child in chime
A locking hitch
Oh oh

If you chance to break your neck
Upon the slippery what the heck
Your older will stand in line
And break their necks all the time
Oh oh

And so take another drink
Everybody please stand back
And pray godspeed and dare to move
La la la lo lo lo
Oh oh

Gurgling, gurgling all the way home