the GBV's songbook

name: King of Arthur Avenue
album: Not in my Airforce
date: 1996
author(s): Robert Pollard
© 1996 Needmore song (BMI)

C    x32010
Am   x02210
Dm   xx0231
D7   xx0230
Em   020030
D9/D xx0233
G    320003
G*   355433
E    022100
F    133211
A    577655
C*   x3555x
D*   x5777x


 C               Am
Just after, the tin can laughter,
 Dm                D7               Em7
Dies down, I will hoist my vulgar flag,
               Am  D9/D
Everywhere you are
               D7             Dm
Don't blame me, don't name me, oh,
Like a leopard leaping out,

 Em7       D7
Into your life
    Am         Dm
Crushing your nerve
  Em7        D7   Em7
Who will protect you

 D7                 Dm              C    D9/D
You'd better stand tall, always on call,
D7               Dm                  Em7
I, want a quick taste, look at your face,
Changing, ideas exchanging,
     Dm                    D7
The world is oblivious so far,
And it's
           E     F    A
Timeless around me
               C*    D*
and nothing at all

      D7                            Dm
This world will be better when you fall
             C      D9/D
You will recall,
      F                             Dm
This world will be better when you fall
you will recall

originally tabbed by: Josh Reineke.