the GBV's songbook

name: Release the Sunbird
album: Not in my Airforce
date: 1996
author(s): Robert Pollard
© 1996 Needmore song (BMI)

C   x3555x
G   355433
F   133211
Bb  x1333x
G/C 33555x


C  G  F  Bb

                        C        G
they will send for you someday
release the sunbird
wheel up to you and drive you home
                  C       G/C  G
and below it was home then
To keep us so grounded
F                   Bb         F       Bb
oh, and I know it's ugly and wrong
          G          Bb
when she calls you
            F      Bb
you'll be crying
        F      C      Bb
inside dying alone
          G          Bb
when she keeps you
           F         Bb
you can't kiss her
and you will miss her
when she's gone

falling in an arc from an open wrist
     F              Bb
and time can only free you
when she's gone
        C    F
she is dead


originally tabbed by: Doug Jones.
additions by: Rémi.