the GBV's songbook

name: Get Under it
album: Not in my Airforce
date: 1996
author(s): Robert Pollard
© 1996 Needmore song (BMI)

Bb  x13331
F   133211
E/F 033211
G   355433
Dm  x57765
Am  577555


Bb       F                  E/F     F
houhouhouhou Now that you've gone on
Bb       F               E/F          F
houhouhouhou Hang up the phone-move on
     Bb                   F
Cuz time is a battle for you bath girl
     Bb                    G
The dress isn't flattering you
          Bb               F
When you done it like you do
    Bb              F        G      Bb
You expect me to approve but I just won't

Bb         F                  E/F         F
And you say I won't let you choose-but I do
Bb     F            E/F         F
But now in growing away-you lose
      Bb                   F
You dissect & it breaks through
         Bb                   G
A little bit crawls inside of you
Well I can't wait no more
   G                 Bb
Arouse me to ultra-maroon
You wrinkled old moon

F            Dm
The devil inside
Is never surprised
                 Bb                F
It's always on top of matters at hand
A broken old man
A ragged old bear
What's really out there?
Get under it

tabbed by: Rémi.