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update: 31/12/2003
- added tabs for:
"Mag Earwigh!" (2 - lp page)

- corrected the link to "The other place"'s tab.

update: 30/12/2003
- added tabs for:
"Mag Earwigh!" (14 - lp page)
"Alien Lanes" (15 - lp page)

update: 26/12/2003
- added tabs for:
"Forever Since Breakfast" (5 - ep page)
"Suitcase" (3 - suitcase page).

update: 24/12/2003
the site server have changed because of some problems. But now it is back with more tabs!
- added a faq.
- added some cover scans.
- added new links.
- added tabs for:
"Speak Kindly..." (2) (bob's page).
"Delicious Pie..." (5) (gbv lps' page).
"Bee Thousand" (12).
Suitcase (4). >here<
gbv rarity tracks (7).
"Glad Girls ep" (1).
"Sunfish Holy Breakfast" (7).

update: 13/12/2003
- added tabs for:
"Industrial morning" (other gbv tabs).
"Same Place the Fly Got Smashed" (8).

update: 09/12/2003
- added tabs for:
"Tonic & Twisted Chasers" (6).

**special info. for the owners of Watch me Jumpstart's DVD:**
- go in the Warsaw menu and click button 4 on your remote. Now you're watching a special video clip of Back to the Lake.

- or in the same menu go on "tight globes" and press the right arrow and a symbol will appear so press "enter".

update: 07/12/2003
- added lyrics of "Downed" ("The Best of Jill Hives"-single)
- added tabs for:
"Hold on Hope ep/Dardevil Stamp Collector" (6).

update: 26/11/2003
- added tabs for:
"Propeller" (11).
"Love Hurts" (bob's section).
- corrected version for "My son, My Secretary and My Country".

update: 25/11/2003
- added:
"I'll Replace You with Machines" ("Eartquake Glue" lp)
"Red Ink Superman" (Pollard's "Motel of Fools")

Both send by DouG.

update: 22/11/2003
- added tabs for:
"Do the Collapse" (13).

update: 21/11/2003
- added tabs for:
"Under the Bushes Under the Stars" (6).
"The Official Ironmen Rally Songs" (2).

update: 20/11/2003
- the site can now also be easily reach with this url:

- added tabs for:
"Under the Bushes Under the Stars" (13).

update: 18/11/2003
- corrected "Circle of Trim"'s tab.
- added link to an online chord dictionnary.
- added tabs for:
"Earthquake Glue" (5).
"Kingshit and the Golden Boys (7).

update: 16/11/2003
- added tabs for:
Airport 5 section.
"The Pipe Dreams of Instant Prince Whippet".
Pollard solo section.

update: 15/11/2003
- "the club is open"
- added tabs & lyrics from:
"Clown Prince of the Menthol Trailer"
"Fast Japanese Spin Cycles"
search on the page
- I've got other tabs 'in stock'. I guess I'll update this page soon.

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