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there is actually 403 tabs available
356 for GbV/Pollard's stuff - 47 for Tobin Sprout

update: 15/01/2005
-Added new tabs:
Robert Pollard's Speak Kindly... (Soul Train College Policeman, Do Something Real, I Get Rid of You, And My Unit Moves).

update: 01/01/2006
-I've made corrections to Make Use's riffs.
-Added new tabs:
Waved Out (Whiskey Ships and Wrinkled Ghost).

update: 29/12/2006
-Added new tabs:
Universal Truths and Cycles (Cheyenne, Everywhere with Helicopter and Eureka Signs).

update: 3/12/2005
-Added new tabs:
Robert Pollard's Music for 'Bubble' (747 Ego, Boring About).
Calling Zero (Red Hot Halos) -Fading Captain Series page 2-

update: 12/11/2005
-Added new tabs:
Fast Japanese Spin Cycles (Kisses to the Crying Cooks).
Bob's Waved Out (Make Use and Caught waves again -this one send by Jordan-).
Tobin's Lost Planets & Phantom Voices (Indian Ink, Catch the Sun, All thoses Things We've Done, As Lovely As You and Cleansing from the Storm).
Tobin's Popstram (Sadder than You).

update: 20/08/2005
-Added new tabs:
Tigerbomb (Dodging Invisible Rays).
GbV Vs. Superchunk and UTBUTS bonus tracks (Delayed Reaction Brats, He's the Uncle, The Keylosers)
Suitcase (Long Way to Run, A Kind of Love, Scissors and the Clay Ox (in), Carnival at the Morning Star School)

update: 13/06/2005
-Added corrected lyrics to Earthquake Glue's tabs (She Goes Off at Night, Beat Your Wings, Dead Cloud, Main Street Wyzards, Of Mites and Men).
-Corrected It's easy's tab (Suitcase).
-Added new tabs:
Suitcase (Bloodbeast, Dorothy's a Planet, Taco, Buffalo, Birddog and Jesus).
Toby's Cryptic Shapes.
Bob's Zoom ep (Zoom).

update: 01/05/2005
-Added the missing files for Suitcase (The kissing Life, Bunco Men, James Riot, My Big Day)
-Added new tabs:
Choregraphed Man of War (She Saw the Shadow, Edison's Memos, 7th Level Shutdown, Bally Hoo).
Half Smiles ...' Sing for your Meat (tabbed by Chris).
And I also finally add a link to the suitcase's page in the menu.

update: 17/04/2005
-Added the corrected lyrics to Pipe Dreams ...'s tabs.
-Added new tabs:
Lifefeguards' Mist King Urth (Starts at the River, Red Whips and Miracles).
Pipe Dreams ... (Beg for a Wheelbarrow).
Isolation Drills (Frostman by Chris).
Under the Bushes ... (Take to the Sky by Chris).
Thank Chris, go on!

update: 10/04/2005
-Corrected some lyrics to Delicious pie ....
-Added new tabs:
Kidmarine (Men who Create Fright, Enjoy Jerusalem!, You can't Hold your Women).
Fiction Man (Children Come On, It's Only Natural, Night of the Golden Underground, Their Biggest Win).

update: 15/03/2005
- links have been updated
- added new tabs:
Carnival Boy (8), "Inside the Blockhouse" from Sentimental Station ep and all the 3 unreleased tracks of Live at the Horseshoe Tavern (Tobin Sprout)

update: 05/03/2005
the GBVSONGBOOK is finallly back with a new url. Sorry for all the problems.
Thank you Hank!

update: 05/01/2005
====== HAPPY NEW YEAR ======
- added new tabs:
Toaster, Bottle of the Ghost of Time (Tob's page)
My thoughts are a Gas (other tracks)

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